Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Education in Alicetown with Joe, Ashley and Sammy

We headed over to North Bimini today and wandered around the island. We found some great friendly people who were quite happy to share their knowledge of the island.

Joe runs a Conch Shack - he dives for the sea creatures himself - to pick just the right size for his menu items. After teaching us how to extract the animal from its shell, he made a salad of fresh onions, tomatoes, green pepper, of course conch, then topped it with lime juice. Talk about expanding our food silos! We all agreed it was really good and certainly doesn't get any fresher!

A mountain of conch shells
"No way am I going to touch that!"


Ashley Saunders is the island historian.  He is well educated in both the US and England and has written 3 books on the island's history. He has spent the last 21 years rebuilding his family home with any and all kinds of things he has found on the beach along with donations from people who know him.  Known as the Dolphin House - he gives tours for a $2 donation - it is really incredible both how he has decorated it and how much he remembers about each piece he has put where.  Shells of all sizes, bits of tiles, beach glass, driftwood, old mirrors, bottles and coins - the walls, floors, ceilings, every surface really is totally decorated. It is quite an amazing sight.

Sammy is the shark guy.  He is at the Bimini Big Game Club where we had parked the dingy for the day. At the end of the day he takes the carcasses of the fish caught by the deep sea fishing boats and ties them to the end of a rope to toss in the water to feed the bull sharks who call the water home.  There are 15 of them there swimming around, very big and you certainly wouldn't want to go swimming near the marina.  At one point, Aaron's shoe seemed more interesting to them than the fish.  Good thing for the long net!

Aaron almost lost his shoe to a bull shark!

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