Monday, January 13, 2014

Bahamas Bound

We left our home in Gilbert's (Tiki Bar and all) and headed back up Biscayne Bay to anchor in No Name Harbour, our staging site to cross over to the Islands.  It has a great view of downtown Miami - all the crazy weekend boating traffic too!! Tuesday is looking to be a great travel day on the ocean so after fuelling up and gathering enough food to feed a small army (or hungry family of 5) we are set to go.  We rendezvous'd with our friends the Haas's who are leaving at the same time.  We spent the day playing on the sandbar here and using up the last of our wifi - who knows when we will have service again!  We will post again when we can! Enjoy the sunshine!

Apparently the largest Tiki Bar in Florida - we need one at home!

Water everywhere but these 4 passed within 10' of us
Still have yet to catch the big one!
Most amazing colours in a sunset yet

Downtown Miami - looks quiet from here 

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