Monday, December 30, 2013

We Found BIGGER Jesus

So while some people are off in Europe trying to remember how to skate, i'm getting sunburned in Brazil... not really... more like an "investment tan". You may have some pre-concieved thoughts about Brazil, if you can't remember them I'll help you out with some suggestions below:


No, this isn't a "matching" question... more of a pointless exercise to make us realize how prejudiced we all are. The real Brazil is a combination of some pictures, exactly like some others and in no way shape or form like some others... you can make your own judgements from what you decide.

Everything is bigger in Brasil (yes, that is the Português spelling, spelled in Portuguese).
Bigger populations means bigger cities, meaning more infrastructure and land.

Bigger mountains with bigger views of bigger ocean (it just looks bigger because you're at a higher elevation).

Bigger coconuts...

Bigger statues of Jesus... yes Aary... while you were gone I found a bigger Jesus than your Jesus. You can use your precious wikipedia to figure out how much bigger it is... but it's christmas, so here's a hint: A LOT BIGGER. The statue is 38 meters tall and is sits atop a 710 meter mountain... and yes, that's above sea level. 

But one thing is smaller or non-existent... bathing suits... I will not publish a photo because some of you are under the age of 18. But to see for yourself follow this link: 

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