Saturday, November 23, 2013

Traffic Jam - South Florida Style

Never thought we'd be talking about traffic on the waterways - a big change from the quiet ICW with grass and trees and very little of anything else to South Florida - even the dolphins have run away!
It was 51 miles from Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale, but with 22 bridges along the way and it being a Saturday, with the ocean too rough really to travel on for most boats,  it took all day and sometimes nerves of steel to work our way down.  Most of the bridges are too low to go under but we did our best to get under those we could and had to wait for scheduled opening with the other boats for the rest. Boats were everywhere, going every which way with current and wind, some fishing, some trolling, some waterskiing and most ensuring they were well hydrated.

Yes we made it under this one
Any idea who has right of way?

The different scenery was pretty cool - this waterway is lined with houses and boats which just seemed to keep getting bigger and more extravagant the further south we went.
New form of houseboat

Whole new way of holiday decorating

I'll bet his dad didn't retire at 45!

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