Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sharks and Dolphins and Hot Tubs, Oh My!,,,

We started our day at the crack of dawn for some it was at 6am, and for Aaron it was at 10 (a 12 hours sleep for him!). Then we had a 12 hour run ahead of us! From Long Island across the ocean to Atlantic City. That was an 80 miles day. With nothing around us for miles, Kim decided to teach me about projectiles. After 70 miles, we found a bunch of pods of dolphin. Followed by a shark, a great white shark to be exact. Then an hour an a half later beautiful buildings were surrounding us from all directions. Then we arrived in the the Golden Nugget Marina. It was amazing!!!! Then we causally walked through the 5 star hotel in our bathing suits. We found ourselves in a roof top pool and wonderful hot tub 😄 After a steak and potato dinner, we enjoyed a family bonding movie on hulu.

Top Ten Things of the day - 

1. Great White Shark 
2. Dolphins
3. Hot Tub
4. Steak with mushrooms
5. Ocean
6. No Sandbars
7. Family time 😒 (kidding)
8. Wifi
9. 16 days t'ill Julio's here!!!!!!!!!
10. A Clean Boat after we washed the clumps of salt off of her!

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