Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 8 - August 9...Montreal to taddosac

Train trip to Quebec city
Rental cars from Quebec city to Taddosac
Hotel in tadossac

From the trip report - Bryce

In the morning we had to wake up at 5:30 am. After we woke up we had to catch a train for 7:00 am. We were on our way to Quebec City. Once we got to Quebec City we rented a Dodge Caravan for the day. For lunch we had the best chocolate milk ever. We ate at a place called l'Accent. Yummy

After our delicious lunch we headed towards Taddoussac to see some whales. On route Kenn didn't stop to see a church or the falls. After a bit Kenn decided to go to Canyon Falls. Finally we got to Taddoussac and went to a beach. The water was freezing! It was only 2 degrees. The sand dunes were huge and we raced down them, but then had to climb back up. When we were finished we went to a Motel. Kenn calls it Hotel de Crap. After we checked into the one room they had left we went to the marina for supper. We headed back to our motel after supper. We were all tired so we decided to hit the hay.

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