Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 12 - August 13th...jumping off the boat...and not doing much else today...

Corey has a tinsy tiny cut on his 3rd finger and says he can't write (again) He says its a gash and I'm surprised he's not hospitalized!

From the trip report -Corey
We woke up in valley field, and said good by to kara mia, maestro and low bidder. We found timmies only 400m away, they laughed at aaron and katie trying to speak french and laughed even more when aaron spoke english r-e-a-l-l-l-l-l-y-y slowly. On the walk back we found a camera store and bought some new binoculars that are more like telescopes than anything else (20x magnification).

The kids and corey took the dingy under 2 swing bridges, one had only a 4ft clearance when closed. Because we decided today was a “break day” we only were only going to go as far as cornwall which was only about 28 miles and no locks. Around lunch time we anchored off colquhoun island and jumped off the top deck and ate lunch. We anchored in such a weird place that the current going around the island and the wind pushing us back (opposite way as the 2 currents) we stayed in the same place.

Then we pulled into marina 200 and used the dingy as a tender to go between Seamorr and the office/washrooms. For dinner we went to Bo jangles (sports bar and grill)… the burgers and club sandwiches were pretty good…. Then we went back to Seamorr and played up and down the river (S.Y.N.)

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