Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 10 - August 11....Quebec City

Hotel pas de crap
Swimming in and outside within the same pool
Walking all over Quebec City
Take train back to Montreal
Back to see SeaMorr

From the trip report - Day 10 - Kim

We woke up this am in the heavenly beds of the Hilton aka "hotel pas de crap". What a pleasant change from the night before! After a swim in the warm pool which is both indoor and outdoor we headed out into Quebec City to explore. We found a great french restaurant for breakfast - crepes, eggs Bene.... There seems to be a trend on this trip about food isn't there?

We walked along le promenade des gouveneurs which is a big board walk high above the river looking over the port. It starts at the Chateau Frontenac and it ends at a staircase of 310 stairs up to the edge of the Plains of Abraham- Corey had to fill us in on our Candadian History as none of the rest of us could remember much...although we are not sure how he did so well in History getting some of his facts mixed up!! We took a tour of the Citadelle (didn't know it was built by the British) which included the firing of a canon which surprised us all with how loud it was! After the tour we walked around the old city some more, found some great gelato and ice cream and Kim finally managed to get the rest of them to stop at a cool old church. We went to an information centre about life in the times of early Quebec which had lots of exhibits, a bizarre movie about how no one really know if Samuel de Champlain really was the founder of Quebec nor knows what he looks like - Kim & Kenn both dozed off... They had a dress up area where Katie, Bryce & Aaron put on costumes from the 1700's. Bryce looks pretty good in a skirt and bonnet!

After a late lunch we headed back to the train to Montreal and back to Seamorr - we start heading home in the morning!

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